Easy Ways to Make Your House Look Like New!


A full home renovation can be expensive. When you consider the flooring, walls, furniture and other things that need to be worked on, costs can quickly add up. If you want a new home look, but do not have the money or time for a full renovation, consider the following simple ways to refresh your home.

1. Reupholster your chairs and sofas

Your sofas and chairs make a big statement on the overall style of a room. While buying a new set of sofas can be quite expensive, a simple reupholstering can make a huge difference on a budget. You can even reupholster with new colours and styles. Hiring a professional is always the best idea but if you are handy around tools, you can attempt some DIY upholstering.

Remember to keep your upholstery well maintained – get rid of any stains immediately, mend any stitches before they grow larger and vacuum the fabric to get rid of dust and other small particles. It is also a good idea to regularly seek out professional upholstery and carpet cleaning services Wellington.

2. Wainscoting

Wainscoting was done hundreds of years ago to protect the lower half of walls from scuffs and stains. Today, it is one of the simplest ways to freshen up your home. You can use solid wood panels for the wainscoting or opt for other materials such as MDF, plywood or even plastic.

There are so many varieties of wainscoting styles to choose from. You can even get wainscoting that stretches past the halfway point of the wall.

3. Shiplap

An alternative to wainscoting is covering up an entire wall with panels of wood, MDF or plywood. For the best results, you should hire a professional contractor. You can decide to accent a single wall using shiplap or go more drastic and cover all the walls in a room. You can even go the full length and extend the shiplap to the ceiling.

When properly installed, shiplap can have a dramatic effect on a room. It can transform dull and chipped walls and is especially great if you are going for a county home décor.

4. Polish the floor and furniture

When was the last time you did some maintenance work on your floor? An aged and dull floor can make your home look really dated. Polishing gives it a new shine that makes your home look all new. If you plan on polishing the entire flooring in your home, you are better off getting professional help.

As you polish the flooring, give the same treatment to your furniture. Look up instructions on how to polish your specific type of furniture – be it wood, metal or glass – and buy the right things. You can fit a furniture polishing project in a weekend with a huge effect on your home.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Wellington

A little maintenance now and then on your upholstery and carpeting goes a long way in keeping your home looking new. If you live in the Kapiti Coast, Greater Wellington and Hutt Valley regions, Maxi Carpet Services are here for all your upholstery and carpet cleaning solutions. We are the best upholstery cleaners Wellington, trusted by our customers to provide the best services.

Visit our website at www.maxicarpetservices.co.nz to get a free quote.

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