Preparing Your Home To Sell

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When preparing your home to sell you need to make sure it is as presentable as possible. As the saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” Remember that street appeal is really important as no matter how perfect the inside of your home is, if your front garden is a mess or the fence needs painting then many prospective buyers may just drive off without even setting foot inside.

Things to consider include carrying out any repairs to your home, conducting a thorough deep clean throughout, tidying up the outside areas, redecorating any old and tired areas, as well as possibly updating the kitchen and bathroom areas. You should have a really good declutter and sell or pack away non-essential items. Once you have thinned out your belongings you can start to get things looking a bit tidier.

There is nothing worse than bulging storage cupboards or overcrowded shelves to give the impression that your home lacks storage. So empty the kitchen cupboards, clear out the pantry of all those out of date items, chuck out the clothes that no longer fit, thin down your book collection, sort out the toiletries in the bathroom…you get the idea.

Checklist for preparing your home to sell

  • tidy up the garden (weed, trim hedges and trees, and plant new flowers for colour)
  • declutter (sort items to throw out, donate, sell, store or leave on display)
  • clean, clean, clean (curtains, windows, paths, gutters, bathroom, walls, basically everything)
  • get professional carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • fix all those little things you have been putting off so your home looks maintained (locks, hinges, hooks)
  • paint fences, windows and weatherboards
  • repair or renew the driveway or paths
  • redecorate the most tired looking areas or all areas if needed (use neutral colours)
  • upgrade bathroom fixtures or at least buy a new shower curtain as a minimum
  • renovate the kitchen, but only if necessary as this can be expensive

It is important that you don’t spend too much cash getting your home ready to market. Yes, you want to add value or at least get the best price possible but if you spend too much you may not get it all back. A clean, tidy home with a fresh coat of paint is a great step towards getting the best price. If you have the time and can afford it then updating the kitchen and bathroom can help sell your home as these are two key areas that potential buyers look at.

It is important that all areas have a designated purpose within your home. Dining areas, lounges or family rooms should be obviously either open plan or separate rooms. Make sure the furniture is not too big for the space, making rooms appear smaller than they are. Bedrooms should be clearly defined but don’t put king sized beds in single rooms.

Remember: First impressions count so tidy up external areas and stage the interior for those all important real estate photos – don’t forget the fresh flowers. To help you get your home looking its best, when you look for carpet cleaners in Wellington, choose Maxi Carpet Services. Visit for information on their carpet cleaning services Wellington wide. Maxi Carpet Services are also experienced upholstery cleaners in Wellington.

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