Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Are you looking to sell your home in Wellington or Kapiti? To increase the value of your house, you need to make sure it is looking its best for your open homes. Here are some top tips to get your house ready.

1. Start immediately: Don’t wait for your house to get onto the market before you start giving it a revamp. Start now and make sure your home is buyer friendly before it is released onto the market.

2. Declutter: Go through all the items inside your home and arrange everything in an orderly way. If you think something is not required, either recycle it or bin it. If you have all sorts of items all over the place this reduces the space and makes your home feel claustrophobic.

3. Clean: Remember that this is the most important part of preparing an open home. Clean everything you possibly can lay your hands on, especially the carpets and upholstery. Call in the Kapiti  carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals and see a world of difference unfold before your eyes.

4. Increase the curb appeal: Ensure that your home passes the first look litmus test. Your efforts to spruce up the inside of the property will be wasted if your grass is overgrown and your outdoor area is full of rubbish.

5. Finish those small things: Make sure you finish doing all those things you wouldn’t otherwise have time to do – like fixing a drawer that sticks, stopping a dripping tap or fixing a broken door handle.

6. Depersonalise: It is important that the viewer doesn’t get disenchanted. The home was yours before but the new owner won’t be interested in your personal touches.

7. Increase the feeling of space: Make sure that the colour scheme and the furniture in your home increase the feeling of space. The potential buyer should find your home more spacious that it actually is. Get your carpets professionally cleaned by a Wellington carpet cleaning company and the look of space in your home will instantly improve.

8. Improve your lighting: The lighting scheme in your home significantly impacts on its ambience and consequently its value.

If you are preparing an open home and need the services of expert carpet and upholstery cleaners in Wellington or Kapiti then contact Maxi Carpet Services. Visit their website for a free quote and help to get your home ready to sell at

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