Minimise Flood Damage in Your Wellington Home


When flooding occurs in your Wellington home or commercial property, it is important to clean and dry your carpets and upholstery immediately if possible, and certainly within 24 hours to prevent mould growing. Water damaged carpets and upholstered furniture that has soaked up flood waters can harbour mould and bacteria that not only smells bad but can damage your health. Without professional carpet cleaning and restoration after a flood or leak, you may be forced to replace the carpets and furniture (which can be pretty expensive) as the mould may be impossible to remove completely.

The Wellington region has a changeable climate and Wellington City in particular suffers from pretty unsettled weather. The city is subject to extremely high wind velocities. Hawkins Hill in Wellington City currently holds the North Island record for the highest wind velocity, recording a speed of 249 kph in 1962.

Annual rainfall is also above the New Zealand average with Wellington City receiving an average of 1,300 millimetres of rain a year. The unpredictable weather patterns and higher than average rainfall means Wellington often experiences heavy or torrential rain and storms. If too much rain falls in a short time, rivers, creeks, streams and stormwater systems can’t cope, which results in flooding.

According to the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, floods have been – and continue to be – New Zealand’s greatest hazard, particularly in terms of frequency and continuing losses. About two-thirds of New Zealand’s population lives in areas prone to flooding, such as Wellington.

The floods that were experienced in Wellington and other areas of North Island in 2015 are a clear testimony to the flood hazard that New Zealanders face. According to a report by World Meteorological Organization, the Wellington area received 128mm of rain in 24 hours, contributing to the worst regional flooding in living memory.

Experience suggests that flooding in the Wellington region is going to happen again and again, and while you have little control over the cause, you do have the ability to reduce and control the effects of flooding in your Wellington home or business.

Following flood damage in your home or at your business premises in Wellington, it is important that you take proactive steps to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition as quickly as possible and try to minimise secondary damage.

The first thing you should do during a flood is to give a professional carpet cleaning company in Wellington a call so they can get an emergency crew over to your home as soon as possible. Wellington based carpet and upholstery cleaning experts have the right training and equipment to pump out overflow and excess water to mitigate water damage during a flood.

Water damage to your carpets and upholstered furniture can be hazardous to your and your family’s health. When treated quickly and professionally, carpet damage is minimised and restoration or repair costs reduced. Cleaning your flood damaged carpets with a microban solution and other advanced techniques, such as steam carpet cleaning, helps prevent mould and mildew forming.

Providers of emergency steam carpet cleaning in Wellington are professionally trained and have the latest state-of-the-art machinery to deal with water damage promptly. They can help you with all aspects of wet carpet repair and carpet water damage restoration, including: moving furniture away from water damaged carpets, carpet water extraction, carpet drying, antibacterial treatment or decontamination, as well as insurance reports.

Maxi Carpet Services Offers 24/7 Flood Restoration Services Throughout Wellington

Maxi Carpet Services are the leading flood restoration service in Wellington, and offer a 24-hour callout service in the region. It’s vital that you act as quickly as you can when dealing with water damage. When you contact the team at Maxi Carpet Services, their emergency carpet cleaning crews in Wellington will respond within minutes of your call to have your carpets and upholstery dried, restretched and relaid.

These carpet cleaning professionals are available 24/7 for furniture cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet repairs, carpet restoration, carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning services throughout the Greater Wellington region. Visit the Maxi Carpet Services website to find out how their professional carpet cleaning team can save your carpets and upholstery from long-term water damage.

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